children playing baseball

In the month of May, all students in Physical Education classes had a choice of either participating in a Walking for Fitness Unit or a Striking with Implement(softball, wiffle ball, moon ball) Unit. If a student choose to participate in Walking for Fitness they were required to maintain their heart rate in their target heart rate zone (THRZ) for 30 minutes or more. Students were taught how to take their pulse (both radial and carotid) to calculate their THRZ and to monitor if they were walking at a speed that keeps them in their zone. They had also been able to use a heart rate monitor ( see picture) to monitor their heart rate. Having your heart rate in your THRZ for 20 minutes or more is a great cardiovascular workout and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Students choosing the Striking with Implements unit have been learning how to strike a ball using a bat off a tee and also how to hit a pitched ball. They have also learned the basic batting, fielding, and special rules of baseball, softball, wiffleball, and Moonball.