Middle Level APs

We want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate another two amazing members of our team. First, we have Amy Abrams, Assistant Principal at Beckwith Middle School, who is deeply invested in making the school a great place for students and staff. Her commitment to creating a positive learning environment is demonstrated through her recent student-led task force to promote social-emotional wellness and improve the overall climate of the school. Amy is caring, hardworking, and intelligent, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that the school runs smoothly. Her knowledge of special education and commitment to inclusivity has greatly benefited the school, and we are grateful for her dedication and contributions to Beckwith Middle School.

Next, we have Christina, who is an essential member of our community. Her expertise in managing social media platforms and building strong relationships between the school, students, and parents has made her an excellent role model for the entire school community. Christina's support and dedication have created a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, making her a valuable member of the team. Her commitment to her role as Assistant Principal has helped to promote the school's achievements and foster a sense of belonging for everyone. We thank Christina for her incredible efforts and congratulate her on a job well done during Assistant Principal Appreciation Week.