Kathryn Clark

Physical Education Agreement: 



1.  Students need to change clothing in order to participate in PE class.

A change of clothes is defined as a different top (shirt, sweatshirt) and bottom (shorts, sweatpants) than what was worn to school, and a pair of sneakers. Physical Education clothes should not contain inappropriate language. Tank tops and half shirts are not allowed. Sneakers must be tied securely on the feet.

2.  It is the student’s responsibility to remove and secure any and all jewelry/valuables before participating in PE class.  (i.e. money, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and any piercing).  The PE department is not responsible for any lost or stolen property, or any injury incurred as a result of not removing jewelry/body piercing, or wearing unfastened footwear.

**For certain games, students may choose to remove their glasses in order to participate, or sit out for that particular class.  Another option is a parental note allowing the child to participate in all activities with his/her glasses.

3.  Gum chewing is not allowed during Physical Education classes.

4.  Cell phones are not allowed during Physical Education classes (including the locker room).


1.  A note is required when a student sits out due to illness or injury.

2.  Sitting out of class without a written excuse is not an option.


            A total of 100 points may be earned per class.                                       

Preparedness:  25 points per class. 

Effort/Participation/Sportsmanship/Attitude75 points per class.

****Final grade is the sum of all earned points divided by the number of class meetings.  (2000 total points/20 classes per term=100%)

Grade:  _______

STUDENT SIGNATURE:  ____________________________                  DATE:

PARENT SIGNATURE:  _____________________________                   DATE: 

Links for Physical Education and Health:

Walking for Life:  https://www.mapmywalk.com/

Fitness Testing:  http://www.newton.k12.in.us/hs/pe/images/physical-fitness-guide.pdf

Ultimate Frisbee:  https://www.usaultimate.org/about/ultimate/

EverFi:  https://everfi.com/

Substance Abuse:  https://www.mass.gov/project-here-substance-use-prevention-education

Stop World Hunger:  https://kidscanmakeadifference.org/

Health Information:  https://kidshealth.org/

Grades 5 & 6 Puberty:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKfJ8w7XX6E

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